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Acquire the essential tools to move into a new role with this 3-week program where you can tell your professional story in the most impactful and authentic manner!

3 intense and impactful sessions

45-minutes/session weekly 


Are you an ambitious professional who is ready to make a career or job transition? Are you ready to amplify your resume and interview process that will help you land the job?

If you are ready to show up with confidence, then this program will help you with following:

  • Hands on help with your resume with personalized domain-oriented buzzwords.

  • Impactful outcomes to highlight in your resume.

  • Meaningful Stories in business context to seal the deal.

**Includes my signature “reEmpowered Networking” coaching 

Who is this for? 

  1. You are tired of working with resume writers who don't know your domain and you are ready to bring relevant expertise to advise you in your job transition journey. 

  2. You need an objective sounding board to help you tease out the right talking points in your resume and interview to land the job. 

  3. You are looking for the right approach to navigate the job market and need help. 


I will be happy to coach you to level up your career,mind and network.

+1 (402) 730-0334

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