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Make work and life altering behavior changes that will completely shift your inner scripts and mindset in this 7-week deep dive program.


7 intense and lasting transformational sessions

7 weeks, 45-minutes sessions, 1 per week


Are you an ambitious professional not able to make permanent and lasting shifts that stick? Are you letting your auto-pilot mode take control of you and leading you down a path of self-defeating choices? Are you tired of planning but no action? Do you feel your professional life is an uphill battle?

If you are ready to make life altering transformations, then this program will help you with following:

  • End the vicious loop of self-sabotage and self-doubt

  • Break free from your triggers and habits that are holding you back.

  • Improve your interpersonal relationships. 

  • Move through life with clarity and confidence.

  • Activate your mind to choose consciously. 

  • Make meaningful and last shifts that are in the way of your professional ambitions.

**Includes my signature “reEmpowered Shifts” coaching 

Who is this for?

  1. You are ready to stop the spiral of self-doubt, shame, blame, victim, and guilt.

  2. You are ready to shift from autopilot mode and intentional living.

  3. You are ready to break free from your triggers and self-defeating patterns.

  4. You are looking to move through your professional journey with ease and clarity. 

  5. You are ready for a radical approach to GET UNSTUCK!


I will be happy to coach you to level up your career,mind and network.

+1 (402) 730-0334

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