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+1 (402) 730-0334

Hi, I’m Swati

I’m a professional life coach and a corporate executive.  I’m on a mission to amplify unshakable leadership and unlimited professional advancement across all levels of organization. Together, lets reshape work cultures by reimagining human connection - one re-empowered leader at a time.

My coaching values help you re-connect with your inner power, re-engage your free will, and re-empower your life and career.

reEmpowered Coaching Values:


Maintaining the discipline and the integrity to show up for yourself in the most intentional manner. This commitment to self directly impacts the way you show up for and engage with others.



Our experience of life is not dictated by circumstances, but by how we choose to respond to other people—and even ourselves—when we are uncomfortable.



Never underestimate the power of choice. Owning our responses, decisions, and impact has the power to set us free from the isolation of “stuck,” “too much,” and “not enough.”



Growth keeps company with open hearts and hungry minds. Valuing diverse perspectives and experiences is the path to unsearchable knowledge and wisdom.

How I helped professionals Get ReEmpowered...

Swati Jain is not only a tremendously talented and experienced executive, but she is also an incredible coach! Helping people to reclaim their power. The day to today challenges at work and having to navigate your career and professional brand can all take their toll on your mental and even emotional well-being. Swati provides coaching that is thoughtful, strategic, and healing as she helps her clients learn about themselves and the power they hold within. Swati has provided great coaching during some of the most challenging years of my career. I could not be more thankful for her perspective, coaching, and encouragement! I would highly recommend Swati, especially for other women.

Lisa Barton, Delta

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