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About Me

 Meet Swati

Swati Jain Coach

Your reEmpowered Coach, Corporate Executive

Hello! I’m Swati Jain. 

I’m a professional life coach and a corporate executive.  I’m on a mission to ignite unshakable leadership and unlimited professional advancement across all levels of organization. Together, let's reshape work cultures by reimagining human connection - one re-empowered leader at a time.


I help professionals tap into their full potential and live in an empowered state of mind. Professional progress and self-empowerment is a choice that requires deliberate thoughts and actions. It's coveted by many, but crafted by just a few. 


I have been mentoring and coaching professionals for over a decade. What started as an act of giving back soon turned into my passion as I navigated my own professional journey from an immigrant woman of color to a corporate executive in a series of high-growth companies. As a seasoned technology and business leader, I can also provide relevant and tactical guidance across several corporate roles.


I have gone through multiple professional dead ends and crossroads. I have learnt the corporate dos and don'ts the hard way. I know how suffocating it can feel when we live with perpetual self-doubt and helplessness. I have suffered through self-defeating patterns of choosing to shrink and let others shine. Like many others, I have turned to hundreds of self-help books and resources that were helpful but didn't move the needle enough.


Having overcome many of these obstacles, I feel inspired to share my approach and help professionals take charge of their professional journey.


Why Me? 

My professional journey started with Gallup StrengthsFinder. I have firsthand experience with the data and technology behind psychometric personality assessments. I am trained in understanding and nurturing people's natural strengths and tendencies. 

I have worked across multiple industries and functions over the last two decades, in Product & Technology leadership positions. During this time, I have mentored and coached many professionals. I 

My academic credentials include bachelor's in computer science, master's in business, and an Executive Leadership Certification from Cornell. Additionally, I am a certified Life Coach trained in Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, which helps remove self-defeating patterns from our subconscious mind. I am also a certified Reiki master with strong understanding of our energy centers and how it influences our emotional being.

My unique background allows me to bring a holistic approach to common professional challenges unlike anything out there!

Are you ready to bring permanent shifts?

Let’s Go!

Swati Jain 

How I helped professionals Get ReEmpowered...

Swati Jain is not only a tremendously talented and experienced executive, but she is also an incredible coach! Helping people to reclaim their power. The day to today challenges at work and having to navigate your career and professional brand can all take their toll on your mental and even emotional well-being. Swati provides coaching that is thoughtful, strategic, and healing as she helps her clients learn about themselves and the power they hold within. Swati has provided great coaching during some of the most challenging years of my career. I could not be more thankful for her perspective, coaching, and encouragement! I would highly recommend Swati, especially for other women.

Lisa Barton, Delta

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